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A branding update and a new website IP Knowledge
A festive Christmas campaign Happiness Digger
A website with dazzling visual storytelling MOYU
A new website for the WOZ office in the Netherlands HNWB
Playful workshop templates Happiness Digger
A branding update and a new website IP Knowledge


Human beings first. Then technology. 🦾

The challenge

IPknowledge faced the challenge of renewing its brand, developing a new website and improving its marketing to enable the next phase of growth. When IPknowledge approached us with these three major challenges, we immediately went to the drawing board to develop a plan.

Our plan was to make IPknowledge a “human” IT company in order to stand out more among the somewhat boring and technical IT companies. Many competitors made it clear that performance, technology and solutions are all that matters. But is that true? Isn't good cooperation between client and customer just as important? Good cooperation only comes about when there is trust. And trust is created by being open, honest, transparent and empathetic.

After a first meeting with IPknowledge, it became clear to us: The real magic of IPknowledge lies in its team of IT experts who know IT network infrastructures like the back of their hand. A team that does not shy away from any challenge and leaves no question unsolved.

Time to bend spoons and boundaries!

Project details





What did we do?

Concepting, art direction, graphic design, web design, web development, photo shoot, copywriting and project management.

The dream team

Thom Peet, Maarten de Vries and Sander Karsen

Getting started

Interview and brainstorm with the entire team

The first step on our horizon was an extensive interview with a number of leaders of the IPknowledge's organization. We took extensive time to ask a whole laundry list of questions to gather as much data and insights as possible. In fact, we wanted to learn everything about IPknowledge's brand identity, target group, services, competition, positioning and story. With this data, we set to work on the “brand identity puzzle”.

Teamwork is central to IPknowledge.

Putting the brand identity puzzle

After two days of holistic viewing, reframing, replacing, editing, improving, reinforcing and reducing, the puzzle was laid! In a world of cables and code, IPknowledge chooses to be the heart of technology. What exactly is knowledge worth if you don't share it? With a proactive attitude and absolute knowledge of IT, the IPknowledge team provides its customers with a seamless connection to the internet, the cloud and all its users. Almost like an IT wizard.

With a clear picture of the target group, a unique positioning and a strong story, it's time to think about IPknowledge new website. On to the next round!

The IPknowledge brand as a brand character.

Page planning, flow and wireframes

The current IPknowledge website was very outdated and had so many pages that it was almost impossible for users to navigate through the website quickly and efficiently. Besides the fact that the website also had a slow loading speed, it was also difficult to add new content. So it's time for a new website!

Customer conversations never go without a joke or a laugh.

An important goal was to make the website super fast and as compact as possible. By merging as much content from different pages as possible and deleting irrelevant content, we were able to reduce the total number of static pages to 10 and then give all the complicated and deeper content a nice place in the Knowledge Center. Finally, we came to the conclusion that the flow should always lead to either a free consultation or a contact moment.

Responsiveness was central to this project.

With a clear page planning and flow, we were able to get started with the wireframes. We focused on, among other things, the composition of the individual pages. We thought about creative and interesting layouts, texts that perfectly match the enhanced brand identity, catchy headings, the right flow and, of course, the attention span of visitors. We chose to communicate briefly but firmly with short headings, summaries, visualizations, efficient layouts and natural subtle animations. Everything to make the pages and content “scannable” as much as possible.

Complement and strengthen the branding and style guide

Parallel to developing the new website, we gave ourselves the challenge to boost IPknowledge's branding (corporate identity). For example, we supplemented the existing style guide with pages about the brand identity, a system for placing the logo, a clear explanation of the color palette, new (typo) graphic design elements, pages about UX elements, new iconography, photography and much more. The result? A corporate identity that is complete and feels even more unique. That will certainly help make IPKnowledge recognisable!

Both digitally and physically, IPknowledge is manifested with a sleek and modern design.

The employees in the spotlight

The arrival of IPknowledge's new brand identity meant putting the people behind the magic in the spotlight. We came up with a photo shoot that focused entirely on people. Together with photographer Sander Karsen, we shot dynamic and modern images of IPknowledge's new office and its employees.

A photoshoot with a focus on the people behind the brand.

Each time, we were looking for special and human interactions between team members. This has suddenly given IPknowledge a very human face.

Leadership with a smile.

In addition to zooming in on people, we also wanted to get the IPknowledge building and office properly photographed. After all, good photos of an office and workplace contribute enormously to a company's reliability.

IPknowledge is always on the move, both physically and digitally.

In the office and building, we played a lot with motion blur scenarios to create a dynamic and smooth vibe. Everything to show that IPknowledge is vibrant and alive.

Photo shoot: Check!

From wireframe to design mockup

With the new brand identity, a complete style guide and wireframes, it was time to design a few mockups of key pages of the new website. This step was very easy because we already had all the necessary materials and only had to look at the application of all design elements. During the design process, we looked at a logical balance between dark and light sections, content hierarchy, the use of icons, effects, photography, and more. After the mockup of the homepage, we already knew: This is going to be cool!

From wireframe to mockup.

Time to Webflow!

With all the IPknowledge brand 2.0 ingredients, it was time to cook a beautiful website in Webflow. We used the Timothy Ricks wizardry 2.0 system and various Finsweet custom integrations. With smooth animations, we made the website feel completely up to date. The icing on the cream was branded photography. When we replaced the temporary images with the shot and edited images, we were sure: This is 100% cool!

A footer with two clear messages.

The time has finally come: IPknowledge's new website and branding can go live!

Cas Altenburg


Results that we have achieved

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