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A branding update and a new website IP Knowledge
A festive Christmas campaign Happiness Digger
A website with dazzling visual storytelling MOYU
A new website for the WOZ office in the Netherlands HNWB
Playful workshop templates Happiness Digger
A branding update and a new website IP Knowledge

Makers Hands

What hands can make

The challenge

Makers Hands is an agency that connects independent makers and artists with art lovers. For example, art lovers can have custom art made and find the right maker/artist via Makers Hands. The question to us:

How do we tell the story of Makers Hands as simply as possible to the two different target groups? And how can we further professionalize the brand to make it attractive to investors?

Project details


Makers Hands



What did we do?

Target audience profiles, brand foundation & positioning, brand story, logo & corporate identity, style guide and corporate identity expressions

The dream team

Thom Peet (brand strategy and design) and Maarten de Vries (brand strategy and design)

Getting started

At an early stage, we made an analysis of the brand. This created a clear picture of the brand's problems and areas for improvement. These problems were as follows: there was still no clear picture of the target group (s), no brand identity guidelines, and Makers Hands did not yet have a real corporate identity/visual identity.

Based on this analysis, we started the project. Wondering how? Check out the course of the project below:

Brand Strategy:
  1. Target group profiles
  2. Brand foundation & positioning
  3. Brand Story
  4. Name change (extra step)
Corporate identity:
  1. Logo & corporate identity
  2. Style guide

Target group profiles and brand foundation & positioning

With a number of brand strategy sessions with the branding canvas, various checklists and critical questions, we collected the right information to get the brand foundation and target group profiles sharp again.

With a clear picture of the brand and the target groups, we were able to take steps much easier and faster during the project. This made it easier to brainstorm, we came up with creative solutions faster and it became easier to talk to the founders about the brand and the target groups. Finally, we briefly and firmly summarized the brand foundation and target groups in an editable online document and shared it with the owner.

A mockup showcasing two target audience profiles
With clear target group profiles, it is much easier to determine your strategy

Brand Story

The writing and devising of the brand story and messaging went very smoothly. This was partly because the brand foundation and target groups were described in detail. In no time, the new brand story and unique pay-off were created: The Makers of Tomorrow.

Name change

Before the brand was named Makers Hands, the brand was called Bespoke. However, this name no longer covered the load. In addition, the name Bespoke was also used by other companies, which could cause problems in the future.

Since the brand hadn't gone 'live' yet, this was an excellent opportunity to come up with a new name. For example, we started a brainstorming session and came up with the new name together with the founder: Makers Hands.

A visual explanation of the Makers Hands logo

Logo & corporate identity and style guide

After extensive style research and a number of sketches, a number of geometric shapes were immediately created. These forms were a good fit for the new brand identity and could be used in all elements of the new corporate identity. For example, the symbol of the new logo could be built from these shapes, but also a number of background patterns and layouts.

An animation showcasing a series of social media posts

After determining these forms, we set to work on making a number of sketches for the new logo, layouts and a number of expressions and presenting them. During the presentation, there was a very enthusiastic response and with some tweaks, the new Makers Hands corporate identity was created.

A mockup of the styleguide and a few standalone pages
With this colorful new corporate identity, Makers Hands is going to stand out!

Thom and Maarten have clarified our target group (s), proposition, brand and story and translated them into an idiosyncratic, creative and decisive brand. Thanks gentlemen!

Vera Seegers

Makers Hands

Results that we have achieved

A clear brand story and messaging

By creating a clear picture of the target group, it is easier to address the right people with new campaigns, promotions, events and other communications.

A striking and recognisable corporate identity

Using clear guidelines, the brand can be brought out consistently. As a result, the brand is recognized more quickly and new content is easier to create. 儭

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