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Playful workshop templates Happiness Digger
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A festive Christmas campaign Happiness Digger
A website with dazzling visual storytelling MOYU
A new website for the WOZ office in the Netherlands HNWB
Playful workshop templates Happiness Digger
A branding update and a new website IP Knowledge

Happiness Digger

The tool that makes happiness simple 👌

The challenge

Andreea from Happiness Digger came to our table with two interesting questions: 1. How can I make happiness easier? 2. How do you activate people to work for their own happiness? These two questions arose after giving several workshops about happiness and well-being to a number of major corporate companies. Andreea noticed that many people do not understand what happiness is and that it is made very difficult at the same time. In addition, many people think that working on your own happiness takes a lot of time.

“I would love to develop something that would allow people to work on their own happiness on a large scale, in an active way, every day.”

Fat! Time for a brainstorm.

Project details


Happiness Digger



What did we do?

Brainstorm, concept development, graphic design, package design and DTP.

The dream team

Maarten de Vries

Getting started

The idea

We joined forces and brainstormed together to come up with as many ideas as possible around Andreea's key questions. During the brainstorm, we got a lot of ideas about developing a tool, the building blocks of happiness, activating the target group with simple tasks, the power of play and more.

One thing led to another and that's how the idea for the Happy Actions Cards came about. A card set with 52 cards that helps the target group to work on their own happiness. The cards have a front with a simple assignment and a back with an explanation. The 52 cards are divided into 5 specific themes: Gratitude, Mindfulness, Meaning, Balance and Relationships. The 5 themes help make happiness simpler and more tangible.

Alright! Now that the idea is ready, it's time to go to the drawing board.

Happy Action Cards are easy to carry because of their handy format.

The implementation

We opted for an accessible look and feel to ensure that the Happy Actions Cards were liked by as broad a target group as possible. Because how cool would it be to be able to activate both young and old with this product?

We chose the following design elements: A striking color palette, fun patterns and playful doodles.

A colorful, striking and, above all, cheerful color palette is sure to party!

The color palette makes a clear difference between the 5 categories and helps enormously to give the cards a playful look. For each category, we have developed a specific pattern that ensures recognition. The doodles help visualize the actions and contribute to the playful look and feel of the Happy Action Cards.

We then developed labels, category cards and a special instruction card to make the card set as clear and organized as possible for the target group.

Finally, we thought about the packaging. For example, we opted for a handy sliding box to store the cards. The design of the box was just like the cards themselves: striking, colorful, playful and accessible. Of course, the Happy Action Cards come in a beautiful luxury bag with a wooden stand where you can place a card.

All the happiness you need in one little box.

All in all, our idea has become a wonderful product that is used daily by young people, old people, psychologists, therapists, managers, teachers, schools, companies, and more.

Not only are Happy Actions Cards a great tool for working on your own happiness in a simple way, they are also a special (Christmas) gift for a friend, girlfriend or family member.

A special Christmas gift for a friend, girlfriend or family member.

Of course, a beautiful product such as the Happy Action Cards also deserves its own webpage. We were able to achieve this in the blink of an eye by creating a product page on Webflow. On this page, you can find everything about the Happy Action Cards and, of course, you can order your own set.

Order easily from the Happiness Digger website or via

More information or order Happy Action Cards? Check it out on

I still can't believe it: My own product! Thom and Maarten helped me enormously from the first brainstorm to turn a rough idea into a fantastic product. The guys are driven, creative and the collaboration has been great. Thanks guys!

Andreea Pap

Happiness Digger

Results that we have achieved

Suitable for literally everyone 😍

Quite unexpectedly, the Happy Action Cards are also used by psychologists, therapists and teachers while they work.

Users say it works 👍

Many users say they understand happiness better and feel happier after 1 to 2 months.

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