A striking visual identity

Stand out with a recognizable visual identity and communicate consistently with a style guide and templates. ✨


Your brand is clear, so now it's time to stand out. Now we create a recognizable jacket for your brand that will help you stay ahead of the competition. 💪


Logo & visual identity

An eye-catching visual identity that fits your brand perfectly

We research design trends, look for inspiration, compare competitors and create a visual identity that stands out from the rest. As icing on the cake, we pull everything out of our brush to design a highly recognizable logo.

Added value

A visual identity that fits your brand identity 100%.

We create 2 to 3 unique style directions to choose from

Your new logo is flexible to use on all platforms

We test the chosen style direction on your target audience


A clear style guide for consistent visual identity

Sometimes applying your new visual identity is a chore. How do you apply that pattern? What font can I use and when? How do I make sure I get the right photos with a photo shoot. With a style guide, you'll know exactly how your new visual identity works and how to apply it consistently.

Added value

Clarity about how your visual identity is structured

You can always take a peek for inspiration

A style guide gives freelancers clear rules

Your brand is applied consistently



Easy templates that keep your brand consistent

You and your team want to easily bring out new content. However, formatting new content is often much more work than you expected beforehand. However, this is easy to solve! By creating some easy templates that align with your brand's style.

Added value

Easily and quickly invent and develop content

The templates completely in the style of your mark

By working template-wise, your brand is and will remain consistent

The templates in the software your team works with

Brand materials

Expressions that will make you rock the market

Once you have visual identity and a style guide it's time to create the first materials that will make a difference. Think: beautiful presentation templates for your sales team, eye-catching roll-up banners for your office or materials for a brand launch.

Added value

Expressions that are 100% true to the style guide

The right materials for a smashing fire launch

Start with all the materials your business needs

Useful templates for you and your staff


Creative support

Support your brand and marketing on all fronts

Support your own creativity or that of your team with our creative support. We help your brand stand out and stay on-trend with developing: campaigns, social media, videos, presentations, POS materials and much more.

Added value

An extra pair of eyes and hands to support your brand

Quick brainstorming sessions that give your team a creative boost

Anything goes: Graphic design, digital design, video animations, etc.

We work closely with you and your team!

Why a striking visual identity?

If you want to stand out with a recognizable visual identity

If you don't have an in-house designer who can create a visual identity

You want to excite your target audience and prompt action

If you want to bring out a consistent brand experience

Your brand's social media channels have too few followers, likes and comments

If you want a style that perfectly matches your brand

Reviews from satisfied customers

Austin Kitololo

"Wow, that went fast" 😲
The bro's created a unique visual identity that 100% fit our goals and exceeded all our expectations with a sleek webshop. SUPER thanks Thom and Maarten!

Fabrice Patay
The Good Thrower

"Chapeau gentlemen!"
Thom and Maarten have gone to great lengths to make the style of De Goede Gooier authentic and luxurious. With the new website, we are definitely going to be a hit.

Kevin Pruimboom

"Grown 250% in 1 year" ✅.
A new website, better promotional materials and a rock-solid strategy! With the help of BrandBros the conversion rate has increased, the cost per customer has dropped and we have grown significantly.

Also a striking visual identity?

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