A kick-ass website

Convince your target audience with a kick-ass website and go for maximum conversion. 👅


Your website is a business card, sales channel, story and shows that you are good at what you do. Time to convince and convert your target audience with a slick website. Nice! 😯


Wireframe & flow

A website flow focused on optimal conversion

We put our heads together online to create a website layout (wireframe) that is logical and intuitive for your target audience. With a clear primary and secondary flow, we ensure logical navigation and maximum conversion.

Added value

Maximum conversion through clear primary and secondary flow

Through Miro, we are simultaneously working together on the website

A clear wireframe reduces development time

Save costs by creating a clear foundation for your website

Web Texts

Increase your findability and convince target audience

A beautiful website alone is not enough. The right texts are at least as important to convince and to be found well on Google. Together with BrandCrew SEO copywriters, we write web copy that brings your brand to life and ranks high on Google.

Added value

Bring your brand and website to life with compelling web copy

Your website becomes more findable with strong SEO web copy

Reach target audience by speaking in their language

Win over your competitors with strong digital positioning


Website design

A unique and eye-catching design for your website

We roll up our sleeves to use your wireframe, web copy and visual identity to create a dazzling website. We create a concept of each page and go all out creatively to make your website stand out.

Added value

A clear picture of what your website will look like

The most creative and ingenious layouts

Your visual identity is translated 1-to-1 to your website

A website that stands out and sticks with you target audience

Webflow development

A professional Webflow website that converts

With Webflow, we build a fully responsive website that works perfectly on a desktop, laptop, tablet and cell phone. Want to write your own blogs, add reviews or maybe sell a product? No problemo!

Added value

A fully "responsive" website that works on all devices

Even the most ingenious layouts are possible in Webflow

We bring your website to life with slick animations

A CMS system that allows you to add your own content

Maintenance packages

2 hours - €160 (€80 / hour)

4 hours - €300 (€75 / hour)

8 hours - € 560 (€70 / hour)


Website maintenance

Flexible maintenance for an up-to-date website

You're thrilled with your new website, but don't have time to keep it up to date. No worries. With our maintenance packages of 2 to 8 hours (per month), we make sure your website is always 100% up-to-date.

Added value

Small changes that take your time, we solve quickly

Save time and money with a maintenance packages

All website maintenance packages are valid for one year

Reduced hourly rate when you purchase more hours

Maintenance packages

2 hours - €160 (€80 / hour)

4 hours - €300 (€75 / hour)

8 hours - € 560 (€70 / hour)

Why a compelling website?

Your website is an important business card for you target audience

Blow your target audience away with slick website animations

Your business is more findable on Google

With a modern-looking website, you attract more visitors

With a digital presence, your company comes across as credible

You can generate data with Google Analytics

Reviews from satisfied customers

Ray van de Kamp
Vathorst Cycling

"Learned a lot from it"
BrandBros has helped me a big step further with 100% commitment and well-founded advice. Thom and Maarten, thank you very much for your service and commitment! BrandBros is highly recommended!

Andreea Pap
Happiness Digger

"Thank you BrandBros!" 💪
BrandBros made my brand 100% clear again, developed a beautiful visual identity and a new website, and supported me with SUPER much passion and creativity.

Kevin Pruimboom

"250% growth in 1 year"
A new website, better promotional materials and a rock-solid strategy! With the help of BrandBros the conversion rate has increased, the cost per customer has dropped and we have grown significantly.

Also a slick website?

Always up-to-date

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