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A branding update and new website IPknowledge
A festive Christmas campaign Happiness Digger
A website with dazzling visual storytelling MOYU
A new website for the WOZ agency of the Netherlands HNWB
Playful workshop templates Happiness Digger
A branding update and new website IPknowledge

My Resin

Resin artist Faralda in the spotlight ✨

The challenge

Artist Faralda Takkenberg came up with the name My Resin for her own company in 2018. With her company she makes and sells unique furniture and home accessories made of epoxy resin.

However, after a year the following problem arose: when Faralda presented her work at fairs and online, people often thought Faralda was just a salesperson instead of the artist and salesperson. As a result, Faralda missed out on many conversations, potential collaborations and even customers.

In addition, Faralda was looking for a way to make her brand and products stand out more on her website and social media channels. However, she did not know how and so she approached us with the following question: 

"Can you position my brand more personally and professionalize the visual identity so that the brand is well presented and there is no more doubt about who the artist behind the brand is?"

Project details


My Resin



What did we do?

Target audience profile, brand foundation & positioning, brand story, action plan, logo & visual identity, style guide and visual identity expressions

The dream team

Thom Peet (brand strategy and design), Maarten de Vries (brand strategy and design) and Bo Borkus (photography)

Getting started

After a good conversation and a thorough analysis of her brand, we quickly discovered a number of concerns and problems. Based on these points, we made a plan together with Faralda to make her brand completely clear. This plan consisted of the following components:

Brand Strategy:
  1. Target audience profiles
  2. Brand foundation & positioning
  3. Brand story
  4. Action plan & coaching
Visual identity:
  1. Logo & visual identity
  2. Styleguide
  3. Brand materials

Target audience profile, brand foundation & positioning

We kicked off the first session with a delicious piece of apple pie and a branding canvas. By filling in the branding canvas and making target audience profiles, we got more clarity on Faralda's brand and its target audience(s). While filling in the canvas, the first creative ideas for the new corporate identity and verbal identity started to bubble up.

Brand story

By first creating clear target audience profiles, writing an inspiring brand story and clear messaging became a lot easier. With the brand essence: 'Personalize Your Home' in mind, we wrote a beautiful brand story about manifesting your identity in your home. To make the messaging of My Resin clear, we wrote a special document with strong headers and basic texts.

Action plan & coaching

During the brand strategy sessions, we discussed Faralda's short- and long-term goals. With this information and the information from the earlier sessions, we created a clear action plan for the brand. This action plan gave Faralda a clear picture of what needed to be done and when it needed to be done. To further assist Faralda, we agreed to meet for a coaching session for 2 hours every month for six months. In these sessions, we review progress in achieving all goals and look at problems and obstacles. Finally, we update the action plan for the next month.

Logo & visual identity and style guide

For the next chapter 'Visual identity development, we started looking for as many inspirational images as possible based on the new visual identity. With this material we then created three different mood boards. We then converted these mood boards into 3 stylescapes to get a good idea of how the different styles function. 

An animation showcasing a series of social media posts

Each style cape emphasized specific parts of her brand foundation and contained specific style elements, a logo direction, color palette, textures, images, shapes, etc. Once Faralda had chosen her favorite style cape, we set to work on converting it into a complete brand manual. In this manual, we further developed and summarised all design elements and expressions.

A mockup showing a style guide and a few standalone pages
With this new style guide, My Resin is going to communicate in a 100% consistent way.

Brand materials

Finally, we created a nice package for Faralda with ready-to-use visual identity expressions that could be used during and after the brand launch for her website, social media channels and marketing goals.

BrandBros has made my brand clear from A to Z. During the strategy sessions, you can feel the passion for the profession. The gentlemen have a lot of knowledge, work fast and there is a clear plan.

Faralda Takkenberg

My Resin

Results we've achieved

A clear brand story and clear messaging

By clearly mapping out the target audiences, Faralda knew exactly who she needed to reach! This makes it easier to devise and implement result-oriented off- and online communication. 💬

A recognisable visual identity with Faralda in the middle

The recognition of the brand has been increased by using unique shapes and colors. In addition, the focus is now not only on the art at visual identity but also on the artist, Faralda Takkenberg. 🎨

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