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A website with dazzling visual storytelling MOYU
A new website for the WOZ agency of the Netherlands HNWB
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A branding update and new website IPknowledge
A festive Christmas campaign Happiness Digger
A website with dazzling visual storytelling MOYU
A new website for the WOZ agency of the Netherlands HNWB
Playful workshop templates Happiness Digger
A branding update and new website IPknowledge

250% growth with a brand update 🌱

The challenge is a unique company with a unique product: helps homeowners in the Netherlands to object 100% free of charge against their - probably too high - WOZ value. With an average customer rating of 9.4 already did very well! Despite this high score, there was still some work to be done. The visual identity was still missing a unique and recognizable element, the visual identity looked a little too businesslike and lacked a personal touch. So it was up to us:

"Could you help me further professionalize the visual identity of and convert this new style to a new website and couple of marketing materials?"

Project details




What did we do?

Visual identity development, website development and graphic design

The dream team

Thom Peet (visual identity and design) and Maarten de Vries (visual identity, design and website development)

Getting started

After a short brand analysis we took a seat at the digital table to discuss all the problems and challenges of We asked critical questions to get as clear as possible on the service, target audience, the competition, the positioning and the business model of After our meeting we drew up a clear plan to make an even more professional brand. Our plan consisted of the following components:

Visual identity:
  1. Visual identity development
  2. Creative support
  1. Website development

Visual identity development

Our brand analysis and initial conversation revealed that the visual identity of was missing a unique and recognizable element. Also, the visual identity could use a personal and friendly "touch" to come across as less corporate. Our first proposal was to organize a shoot to photograph colleagues and a number of customers. However, the founder thought this was too early. He preferred to save this photo shoot for when the team and the company had grown further. After a style survey, a design element caught our eye that turned out to be the perfect solution, namely: friendly 3D hands. 👋

A visual of a two 3D generated hands clapping with a checked checkmark box
The style of the 3D hands is very similar to the style used by the TV series Pieter Post for its characters

Why 3D hands with gestures? Simple! People often use gestures while talking to give their message more context or to reinforce it. So, to reinforce the communication of in a recognizable way, we use the exact same principle.

Website development

With the new visual identity in the 'pocket' it was time to roll up our sleeves to create a completely new website. Our starting point was to research the current website and compare it to competitor websites. Are there industry best practices that have not yet been applied? What website flow does the competition apply? Can we come up with smart applications that make stand out from the competition?

After our research, we quickly came to the conclusion that the flow of the website needed to be improved. For example, we saw an opportunity to make the primary flow, which leads the customer to a WOZ application, shorter and simpler. This should increase the conversion rate. The founder also indicated that he would prefer a more compact website with shorter pages. We agreed 100%, because the current website had too many pages which disrupted the website flow.

A mockup of a laptop with a webpage design
By adding flowing shapes and lots of color the website got a recognizable look

With these two things in mind, we went to work to create a wireframe on which, together with the founder, we thought out the website flow, page layout, layouts and web texts. We then converted this wireframe into a mockup (sketch) of a number of pages. This step was very important because this is where we applied our creativity to design exciting slick layouts.

After agreeing on the wireframe and mockup, Webflow went to work to build the complete website. Within a week we had the complete website built including a CMS content system for blog posts, testimonials and FAQs.

View the complete website of at
A mockup of a phone with webpage design
The responsive layout makes the website look slick on any device

Creative support

The main marketing tool of is a flyer that is produced and sent in large numbers. Because the target audience owns a house, a flyer that falls on the doormat is the best means of communication. To make the flyer as effective as possible, we pulled out all the stops: An adjusted design, even stronger texts and a very clear call to action to the new website of

A mockup with the front and back side of a flyer design

Finally, also wanted to create and send a digital emailing to support the flyer campaign. We set up this emailing based on the flyer and then created and exported it in Mailchimp.

A mockup showcasing the design of an emailing
A digital emailing to support the flyer

A new website, better promotional materials and a rock-solid strategy! With the help of BrandBros, the conversion rate has increased, the costs per customer have dropped and we have grown considerably.

Kevin Pruimboom

Results we've achieved

A 125% increase in WOZ objection applications

Through the developed visual identity and new marketing materials communicates a lot more professional, personal and friendly, resulting in a 125% growth in applications! 🤘

Conversion increased from 6.7% to 9.2%!

Through a clear website flow, a more personal and friendly-looking visual identity , and strong SEO, the new website delivered a conversion increase from 6.7% to 9.2%. Yes baby! 😎

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