An asymmetrical visual identity and website for a high-end asymmetrical clothing brand.

The challenge

With great passion, the two founders of ACmmetri designed a high-end clothing line for East Africa. The intention was that this unique and innovative clothing line would be produced and presented between 2022 - 2023. Unfortunately, the brand did not yet have a visual identity and website, so the founders knocked on our door with the question:

"Can you come up with a visual identity for our brand and design a website/webshop for ACmmetri?"

Getting started

In the first meeting, the two founders presented all the information that was available about the brand. With a number of critical questions, we were able to quickly find out which essential information was still missing and what the scope of the project would be.

After our first meeting, we started the following process together with the founders:

Visual identity:
  1. Logo & visual identity
  2. Styleguide
  1. Website development

Logo & visual identity

Based on a thorough style investigation, we collected various inspirational materials such as: images, texts, shapes and colours. We presented these elements in a mood board with a plan for the development of the style.

A comparison visual of the old and new logo
A comparison between the new logo (top) and the old logo (bottom)

After the presentation of style, the founders gave us a new challenge: they were looking for an element/story that could challenge a small part of the audience with secret messages in various communications. And so - after a small brainstorming session with the founders - we came up with the idea of using Morse code for this.

Morse code allows the brand to hide secret messages, jokes and even win promotions in its communications and invite the visitor on a true adventure. Besides being a great way to challenge the audience to explore, the style elements of Morse code are excellent for the brand's visual identity and asymmetrical nature. For example, the circles, squares and rectangles formed interesting layouts and frames to play with.


We then nicely summarized all the above ideas, elements, shapes, colors and layouts into a style guide.

A mockup showing the ACmmetri styleguide

Website development

After presenting a clear navigation structure, we could start designing the website. We made a sketch of the homepage so that the founders of ACmmetri could get a clear idea of what the website could look like. After approval of this sketch, the development of the website could begin. 

After a few weeks of hard work, the website was ready and we could proudly put it 'live'. NICE!* 👍

An animation of a laptop with a scrolling website in it

* These designs are filled with temporary images and texts. The final images and texts will be updated once the full clothing line has been produced.

The bro's created a unique visual identity that 100% fit our goals and exceeded all our expectations with a sleek webshop. SUPER thanks Thom and Maarten!

Austin Kitololo


Results we've achieved

A unique visual identity with asymmetrical shapes

Besides interesting asymmetrical shapes and a bold colour palette, ACmmetri also has a mysterious underlying concept: Hidden messages in Morse code. 🆘

A fully responsive website with webshop

A fully integrated webshop, with an extensive CMS system, filter system for products and PayPay + M-Pesa link for African payments. 💳

The details of the project

What exactly did we do for this client, who did we work with and which tools did we use? Good question! Especially for you, we have summed it all up for you! 📎

Project details








Thom Peet (visual identity) and Maarten de Vries (logo and website development)


Visual identity development, logo & visual identity, style guide and website development

Software and tools

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Webflow, Miro and Google Docs

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