Little Village: A cozy winter loyalty campaign for Mercator ❄️

The challenge

BrandLoyalty is an industry leader in loyalty campaigns for the retail industry. Working with brands such as Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Jamie Oliver, BrandLoyalty creates the most high-profile loyalty campaigns.

However, due to its success, there is a lot of work. One of the projects on BrandLoyalty's desk was a loyalty campaign for the Slovenian supermarket chain Mercator. To us the question:

"Can you help us develop, design and elaborate a loyalty campaign with a cozy winter theme?"

Can we? Yes we can!

Getting started

The project started with a briefing with BrandLoyalty's project team. The idea was to develop a winter village with foldable houses, vehicles and characters. These "buildables" could then be placed on a playing field. By shopping, customers could save up the entire Little Village winter village. Especially for its Slovenian customers, all buildables were developed in a typical Slovenian style. This included Slovenian architecture, traditional household items and more. Everything to build a truly cozy Slovenian winter village.

24 buildables

In total, we designed 24 buildables, each with its own Slovenian look and feel. The 24 buildables came in a variety of flavors such as: a deli house, a market stall, a Christmas tree, a Coca-Cola truck and more. Each buildable had a snow-covered exterior and a cozy interior where a fireplace often burned merrily. The houses had windows that could be expressed and an open bottom. In this way, the cottages could be placed on the playing field over a light, making it seem like someone was always home.

A delicatessen buildable with original Slovenian sausages and a locomotive

Jumbo Coca-Cola truck

Especially for the promotion of the loyalty campaign, we also developed a jumbo version of the Coca-Cola truck.

A jumbo buildable from Coca-Cola to promote Little Village

Playing field

The basis for each Little Village winter village is the "playing field. On it, all the buildables could be placed and lit with included LED lights. The playing field included a train track for the locomotive buildable, an ice rink for the characters to skate on, and several open spaces to place buildables, entirely as you see fit.

The playing field, contained holes for LED lights to illuminate the houses with

Collectors box

To conveniently store an entire collection of buildables, LED lights and a playing field, we designed a collectors box. The collectors box contained special compartments where all 24 buildables could be stored.

A handy collectors' box to hold the complete Little Village winter village


Little Village's buildables were packaged in innovative "flowpacks. These flowpacks could be easily torn open and are also a more sustainable alternative than traditional packaging.

Flowpacks were the ideal form of packaging for Little Village

We have been working closely with the guys at BrandBros for quite some time. They are creative, work fast and deliver work of a high standard. We are fans! 👍

Nick van Bladel


Results we've achieved

Within two weeks, Little Village was sold out!

Because Little Village performed so well, Mercator was immediately sold on a second version of the cozy winter village ❄️

Many good reviews from end users

After the launch of Little Village, a lot of positive social media content appeared from end users with their winter villages 👍.

The details of the project

What exactly did we do for this client, who did we work with and which tools did we use? Good question! Especially for you, we have summed it all up for you! 📎

Project details






Creative support


Thom Peet and Maarten de Vries


Concept development, art direction and creative design

Software and tools

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Office

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