De Goede Gooier

An authentic and luxurious visual identity and website for the best restaurant at the Blaricumse Heide. 🍽️

The challenge

Restaurant de Goede Gooier has a unique location on the Blaricummerheide. A location that attracts many visitors, cyclists and walkers, day in and day out. The restaurant therefore does not need to make much effort to attract local visitors. However, attracting new visitors (outside Blaricum) proved to be very problematic with the old website. The style of the website was old-fashioned, the USP's were hardly visible and the reservations of new visitors stagnated. The question was therefore posed to us: 

"Can you create a modern style and website that fits our current restaurant and attracts new guests?"

Getting started

At the fabulous terrace of the Good Gooier, we were briefed on the in's and out's of the project. During the briefing, we asked critical questions to make the project understandable to ourselves and the owners. After the conversation, we presented a clear plan with the following steps:

Visual identity :
  1. Logo & visual identity
  2. Styleguide
  1. Website development

Logo & visual identity

During the briefing we found out that the owners were not happy with the current visual identity, logo and website. This was partly because the target audience found the style to be old-fashioned and dated. This is something that De Goede Gooier absolutely did not want to radiate and so it was time to go back to the drawing board.

During a style survey we chose a number of images, colors, fonts and shapes and combined them into one style. To know if we were on the right track, we presented this style to a small test panel to see what kind of associations they had. Surprisingly, the associations were very close to our chosen core values namely: authentic, natural, inviting and homely. This gave us confirmation that the style was in the right direction and we were able to successfully present the new style to the owners of De Goede Gooier.

A mockup of two different stylescapes next to each other for comparison
Moodboards for the style direction of the new visual identity of De Goede Gooier


After receiving approval for the new style, we immediately set to work on creating a style guide. In this style guide, we described clear guidelines for creating off- and online content. The style guide was not only a tool for us to create consistent expressions but also for future designers, creatives or third parties.

The style guide summarizes all the rules of the visual identity in a convenient format

Parallel to creating the style guide, we worked on a new version of the logo. The old logo was not flexible enough and still breathed the corny atmosphere of the old visual identity. And so we set to work sketching out a number of options for a logo that perfectly matched the visual identity and worked well both offline and online.

A visual comparison between the old logo and the new logo
A comparison between the new logo (top) and the old logo (bottom)

Website development

Via Miro, we created a wireframe for a clear website structure and flow. In addition, we used this wireframe to write sharper web texts. Once the flow and the texts were finished, we immediately started designing a website mockup in InDesign. During this process, the style guide we had made earlier came in handy, because it enabled us to search less for layouts and design elements. After a short presentation of the website mockup, we received approval and started to build the entire website in Webflow. 

The result was a professional Webflow website that perfectly matched the brand values of De Goede Gooier and was designed entirely in the new style. After uploading the supplied images and the texts we wrote, the website could be put online. 

An animation of a laptop with a scrolling website in it
View the complete website of The Good Thrower at

After the launch, it soon became clear that the new website of De Goede Gooier was a success. The website received several Google Analytics Awards every month for high conversion, good findability and a large organic range. Mission accomplished!

Thom and Maarten went to great lengths to make the style of De Goede Gooier authentic and luxurious. With the new website we are definitely going to score high. Chapeau!

Fabrice Patay

Restaurant De Goede Gooier

Results we've achieved

Growth in the number of visitors through a new website

With a clear structure, strong web copy, a beautiful visual identity and good SEO, the website was visited by more than 4,000 visitors via Google in the first month. Wow! 😲

Many visitors to the reservations page

Since the launch of the new website, no fewer than 27.7% of all visitors navigated to the reservations page after viewing the homepage and menu. 🤘

The details of the project

What exactly did we do for this client, who did we work with and which tools did we use? Good question! Especially for you, we have summed it all up for you! 📎

Project details


Restaurant De Goede Gooier






Thom Peet (brand strategy and design) and Maarten de Vries (brand strategy and design)


Visual identity development, logo & visual identity, style guide and website development

Software and tools

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Webflow, Miro and Google Docs

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