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A website with dazzling visual storytelling MOYU
A new website for the WOZ agency of the Netherlands HNWB
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A branding update and new website IPknowledge
A festive Christmas campaign Happiness Digger
A website with dazzling visual storytelling MOYU
A new website for the WOZ agency of the Netherlands HNWB
Playful workshop templates Happiness Digger
A branding update and new website IPknowledge


A visual identity and website with good vibes 🤗

The challenge

The New WOZ Bureau (parent company approached us after the success of whether we also wanted to create a new visual identity and website for HNWB. The new visual identity should have an approachable, friendly yet professional feel. The main purpose of the website was to attract new talent, to inform and to encourage visitors to do a free WOZ check. Finally, HNWB also wanted to feature the team behind the success and delve deeper into white label and affiliate opportunities.

"Time for a brainstorming session!"

We are looking forward to it!

Project details


The New WOZ Office



What did we do?

Concepting, graphic design, web design, web development and project management

The dream team

Thom Peet and Maarten de Vries

Getting started

Sometimes a short brainstorm is all you need. This was also the case for HNWB. After a brief brainstorming session, we knew enough: HNWB's brand needed to appear approachable, friendly but professional.

Round shapes make the new HNWB visual identity a friendly unit.

First we were concerned with developing a visual identity for HNWB. HNWB once began as Riverside Law and Appraisal. At the time, Riverside had a logo with a stylized bird of prey as its logo. However, a bird of prey is not the most friendly bird, so soon we recommended switching to a friendlier bird namely a sparrow. We developed a clean and modern logo with a sparrow as the logo. We then chose a color palette with blue colors, which created a nice link to the sky/sky. To give HNWB's visual identity a friendly look, we also chose rounded shapes. We selected two "rounded" fonts: Circle Rounded for the logo and Museo Sans Rounded for headlines and reading texts. Finally, we also gave arrows, buttons and content blocks rounded shapes. Time for step two: The website!

The blue color palette creates a nice tone-on-tone effect.

To make the website development process as smooth and fast as possible, we first put our heads together to create a wireframe. Among other things, we thought about the right flow of the website, the main message (CTA) and which pages would create a logical whole. Soon we noticed that we could make HNWB attractive to new talent by using a lot of photography from the HNWB team. The photos paint a friendly and collegial corporate culture. This is exactly what the first target audience (new talent) was looking for. Of course, the website also had to generate leads. We did this by implementing "Do the free WOZ check" as the main message. We chose to inform the target audience in a short but powerful way. We did this by providing the entire website with short "scannable" content. Think short headings, unfolding menus (accordions) and lots of visualization.

We chose a combination of sleek, modern and friendly design.

After the wireframe, we got to work on the most fun step of the project: Creating a design mockup. Finally we could try out the visual identity we had come up with. We quickly saw that with all the elements together, a modern, clean and friendly looking brand was created. HNWB's new photography was a perfect fit for this brand. All the more reason to proceed directly to the next step: Webflow development.

It took us less than two days to convert the design mockup into a functioning Webflow website. However, the website still felt a bit static. This was easily solved by adding subtle animations. We took the time to create smooth animations for page loading, the mobile menu and loading elements in sections.

In all, we realized the new visual identity and website for HNWB in less than three weeks.

We provided a nice balance between light and dark sections.

In addition to our long-standing collaboration for our commercial brands, this time we also had BrandBros take control of our corporate brand. The result? Our company exudes exactly what we want to exude and conveys well what we do, who we are and what we stand for. As a result, we make a lasting positive impression on our stakeholders and applicants know how to find us better.

Kevin Pruimboom

The New WOZ Office

Results we've achieved

Online within three weeks

By working with a clear and tight process, we were able to develop and launch HNWB's new visual identity and website in a very short period of time.

An attractive company for new talent

By asking the right questions and listening carefully, we were able to identify exactly the right priorities, allowing us to be targeted.

Do you have a challenge?

Certified branding facilitators

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