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A festive Christmas campaign Happiness Digger
A website with dazzling visual storytelling MOYU
A new website for the WOZ agency of the Netherlands HNWB
Playful workshop templates Happiness Digger
A branding update and new website IPknowledge
A festive Christmas campaign Happiness Digger
A website with dazzling visual storytelling MOYU
A new website for the WOZ agency of the Netherlands HNWB
Playful workshop templates Happiness Digger
A branding update and new website IPknowledge

Happiness Digger

A cheerful and playful brand 👍

The challenge

With her company Happiness Digger, Andreea Pap puts happiness and well-being at the center of her work. Andreea is committed to making happiness simple and understandable so that as many people as possible can work on their happiness. She does this through interactive workshops and tools she has developed herself. With the idea of making happiness and well-being simple, Andreea came to us asking if we could help her stand out more and develop a compelling website.

"I'm looking for a way to make Happiness Digger stand out above the rest. Can you help me with that?"

Of course! Let's go!

Project details


Happiness Digger



What did we do?

Brand foundation & positioning, brand story, logo & visual identity, templates, visual identity expressions, creative support, wireframe & flow, web texts, website design, Webflow development and website maintenance

The dream team

Maarten de Vries

Getting started

Before we got to work on the realization of various communications, we conducted a brand analysis to see what reputation the brand already had, where we could strengthen the brand and where we could achieve the most growth. 

Our analysis revealed that a clear brand strategy was not yet in place. For example, there was not yet a clear picture of the target audience and a clear brand positioning was missing.

Brand strategy

To clarify the brand, we organized a series of brand strategy sessions. In these sessions, we tried to get a handle on Happiness Digger's brand values, mission, vision, brand promises, target audiences and competition. Based on this data, we were able to uniquely position the new brand.

After several sessions, the brand essence of Happiness Digger also became increasingly clear. We described the essence as follows: Create happiness, one easy step at a time. This sentence perfectly captures what the brand does and what it stands for, namely: By making happiness and well-being understandable and doable, it becomes easier for everyone to create their own happiness.

Brand The Change's Brand Thinking Canvas is the ideal tool for a clear brand
Brand story explains why Happiness Digger wants to make happiness and well-being easier

Visual identity

It was extremely important for Happiness Digger to break up the boring daily routines, HR programs and courses with a style that made everyone happy. For that reason, we ended up choosing an upbeat, playful look that kept the competition at bay.

That playful look is created particularly through the refreshing and contrasting color palette, the playful brand assets and the unique design language in both color frames and typography.

By applying this visual identity to all of Happiness Digger's communications, think of: Presentations, trade shows, business cards, website and trade show materials, we ensure that the brand is always consistently put out (and that makes us HAPPY).

A workshop by Happiness Digger on happiness and well-being at work
The umbrella can be found in all expressions and visualizes a carefree feeling


Now that the brand strategy and visual identity have taken shape, it was time to work on Happiness Digger's website. First, we figured out what the purpose of the website was. The main goal of the website was to provide an overview of all workshops and drive visitors to a purchase or contact moment with Andreea. By figuring out a strong primary, secondary and support flow, we ensured that the conversion probability of customers going down this path was as high as possible.

The online whiteboard in which we worked with Andreea on the website

With a strong website flow and a complete wireframe of the website in the "pocket," we could get to work building the website in Webflow. First, we built all the pages and made them responsive. That way the website works on both a laptop and a cell phone. The second step was to build the CMS system for articles, reviews, workshops and, of course, a website. This CMS system allows Andreea to add articles, workshops or products to her website completely independently. Finally, we added light animations to make the website feel dynamic and alive.

A colorful and playful website that sets Happiness Digger apart from competitors

BrandBros made my brand 100% clear, developed a beautiful visual identity and a new website, and supported me with SUPER much passion and creativity.

Andreea Pap

Happiness Digger

Results we've achieved

A clear and unique brand experience

With clear Target audience profile, a clear brand identity and an eye-catching visual identity , Happiness Digger is going to help companies and people in the area of happiness and well-being 🤗

A compelling website with strong content

With the new Webflow website, Happiness Digger is ready for the future and the CMS system allows Andreea to add articles, reviews, content and products themselves 💪

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